A rendition of "Scroll A," from the the Choju Giga (Scrolls of Frolicking Animals) set. This set of four artwork scrolls is a National Treasure of Japan and is housed in the Kozan-ji (Kozan Temple), in Kyoto.

The original artwork is attributed to the Priest Kakuyu (1053-1140), known by his honorary title, Toba Sojo.

Mr. Yoshizawa's redition of the work is thirty-six feet long and was completed on one piece of paper.

This work is done in the traditional Japanese form, where it is intended to be "read" from right to left. Western influences in the design of the web make it impossible to view images beginning at the right-most edge, where those images are longer than one screen wide.

Mr. Yoshizawa's artwork is presented here in two forms:

  1. The work as a single, long image, which you have to scroll back and forth to see.

  2. The work as a slide show, three panels per screen, with directional arrows so that the viewer can scroll back and forth.

    The latter form begins the scroll at the right-most edge of the painting. "Scrolling" through the work, will involve moving from right to left, as the work was intended to be viewed.

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