Tateo Takahashi

January, 1944 - August, 2006

Tateo Takahashi was born and raised in the Akita Prefecture of Japan. He began his shamisen study with his brother, Yujiro Takahashi, one of Japan's most well known Tsugaru Shamisen players. At the age of 19, Mr. Takahashi moved to Tokyo and began his career as a professional shamisen player.

In 1969 he came to the United States and settled in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles in 1976. In 1984 he founded the Los Angeles based shamisen group "Takahashi-kai."

In 1993 he joined Kokin-Gumi.

Takahashi's film credits include "Tatoo" and "Vietnam War Story." Takahashi's last film work was in "Memoirs of a Geisha", where he plays on the soundtrack and appears in the film."

For more information, visit Takahashi's website.

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