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Masakazu Yoshizawa as Teacher

New!!!! Study CD: "Cidori No Kyoko"

As studio musician, woodwind specialist, and expert on Japanese traditional music, who has formal degrees in both Western and Japanese music, Masakazu Yoshizawa offers to students:

1. Music Lessons

Lessons on all Japanese woodwinds, including shakuhachi, shinobue, hichiriki, nokan, and others, tsuzumi, taiko, and other percusive instruments as well as, silver flute, saxophone and clarinet. Masakazu Yoshizawa also brings his expertise as a specialist in Hiyashi (the percussion and flute music used in Kabuki presentations). All students of all levels are are welcome.

2. Consultations on all Japanese Intruments

Consultations for composers, arrangers, and contractors with regard to Japanese music and instruments as well as music in general.

3. Lectures and Demos

Lectures, demos and consultations for schools, clubs, organizations, movie produers and interested parties.

4. Teaching Presentations
"Kotenkaiki" - Traditional Source of Shakuhachi Music

Within the definition of teacher also falls the six part series of presentations entitled, "Kotenkaiki - Traditional Source of Shakuhachi Music." This series of concerts (1999-2000) was on the history of the Shakuhachi. Masakazu Yoshizawa played historically important pieces, some rarely performed, from the 7th century to the present day 21st century with its Western influence in modern compositions for traditional Japanese instruments. This series began with the "Three Ancient Pieces" and more and went through Myoan-ryu, Kinko-ryu and Tozan-ryu up to present compositions of contemporary musians. Japanese folk music was also showcased as well as classical, sankyoku or ensemble, especially with koto. This kind of series, inclusive of the whole history of shakuhachi has rarely been attempted.

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