Masakazu Yoshizawa as Teacher
with Hiromi Hashibe Sensei

offer a new Study CD: "Chidori-No-Kyoku"

This CD created by Masakazu Yoshizawa and Hiromi Hashibe, is for shakuhachi and koto students to use to practice the piece Chidori-no-Kyoku. The seven tracks on the CD (discussed in detail below) offer a variety of different ways to work on the piece.

The koto is played by Ms. Hashibe. The shakuhachi is played by Mr. Yoshizawa.

The score used for this version is the Kawase / Chikuyusha score.

Download Sheet Music: Page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4


1. Regarding the Music 0:51

  • This is a description of what Chidori no Kyoku is about. Similar information can be found on CD covers, at, or from books on Japanese music.

    2. Koto Tuning 1:25

  • This is how (to what notes) the koto should be tuned for this piece.

    3. Koto Honte (Melody Line) & Voice Alone 14:08

  • Koto plays from the beginning of the piece. Soft shakuhachi in background. Tsusumi drum for rythym.

    4. Koto Kaete (Harmony Part) Alone 2:38

  • Koto playing from "C" on notation page

    5. Shakuhachi Honte Alone 14:08

  • Shakuhachi playing the main (left) line. Koto soft in background.

    6. Shakuhachi with Koto Kaete 2.43

  • Shakuhachi playing alternate (right) line.

    7. All parts together 14.07

    Brief Explanation

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