Chidori no Kyoku: A CD for Learning

Notes on playing Chidori-no-Kyoku with multiple koto or shakuhachi.
  • When koto is playing kaete from chidori-no-bu, the koto kaete part is close to the shakuhachi part.

  • When there is only one (honte) koto player, the shakuhachi plays main (left) line in chidori-no-bu.

  • When there are two kotos (honte and kaete), the shakuhachi plays alternate (right) line.

  • When there are two shakuhachi players, one plays the main line, and the other plays the last page of Kawase notation, the "Tegoto Kaete"

  • One could also play the shakuhachi tegoto kaete in accompanyment with the "koto kaete from chidori no bu" recording here. The parts fit with each other.

Chidori No Kyoku CD
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